Friday, July 3, 2009

2009 Artworks Collection

There were 2,195 pieces of art from 15 countries received in 2009. Some of these pieces were saved as usual, so that there would have some exhibits in San Diego. This year, ICAE plans to exhibit at several local community libraries.

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The 2009 Participating Children With Their Corresponding Artwork No. Above

1. Matgorzata Za, Deo, 13 years old, Poland
2. Leon Roggensinger, 9 years old, Switzerland
3. Markus Fetz, 9 years old, Germany
4. Gabriela Dios de Milo, 11 years old, Brazil
5. Ana Luisa Aurora Marquez, 12 years old, Mexico
6. Braden, 6 years old, Canada
7. Margot Bauwens, 9 years old, Belgium
8. Francesca Pagani, 10 years old, Italy
9. Marta Aroba Gomez, 13 years old, Greece
10. Isabel Maria Pires, 12 years old, Portugal
11. Marina Berezhuova, 14 years old, Russia
12. Kalkidan Teshome, 11 years old, Ethiopia
13. Rebeka Lukacs, 12 years old, Hungary
14. Annamaria Telarova, 14 years old, Slovakia
15. Jaycee, 17 years old, California, USA

You can see that ICAE is very well represented by countries in the western world. Thank you! If you have contacts in the Middle East, India, Asia, the Orient and more in Africa, we are sure we would all enjoy and benefit by participation from those parts of the globe. Please notify Cherry Lee and she will send information and encouragement to them to join ICAE.

2008 Artworks Collection

This year, we received 1,896 pieces of art from 15 countries. We are to have exhibits at Balboa park in the Prado during performances by the Junior Theater, at the downtown central library and at the city administration building.

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The 2008 Participating Children With Their Corresponding Artwork No. Above

1). Michal Tesik, 15 years old, Slovakia
2). Athanasia Gisgaki, 13 years old, Greece
3). MacKenzie Holland, 12 years old, USA
4). Larissa Takigara, 11 years old, Brasil
5). Pedro Luis Pena, 14 years old, Peru
6). Nara Dapilos, 11 years old, Canada
7). Simon Richtrhoc, 8 years old, Czech Republic
8). Simon Vandenhole, 9 years old, Belgium
9). Chifundo M'sonkho, 12 years old, Malawi
10). Luba Gyrogoltagina, 12 years old, Russia
11). Corina Krauchi, 11 years old, Switzerland
12). Natalia Banek, 11 years old, Poland
13). Ivan Carducci, 8 years old, Italy
14). Boribala Fazekas, 13 years old, Hungary
15). Hannes Hofmann, 6 years old, Germany

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2007 Artworks Collection

In 2007, ICAE received 1,473 pieces of art from 19 countries. Some pieces were saved so that they could be displayed in San Diego. Two exhibits were done - one at the Prado in Balboa Park in the lobby of the Junior Theater performance and at the Children's Section of the Central Downtown Library.

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The 2007 Participating Children With Their Corresponding Artwork No. Above

1). Anna Bielnik, 15 yrs. old, Poland
2). Leonardo Mariotti, 7 yrs. old, Italy
3). Eva Legradi, 14 yrs. old, Hungary
4). blada Kobezar, 9 yrs. old, Russia
5). Joel Ongala, 5 yrs. old, Kenya
6). Vasilis Peltekis, 8 yrs. old, Greece
7). Silvia Brackova, 14 yrs. old, Slovakia
8). Gustavo Duarte, 11 yrs. old, Brazil
9). Andriana Rodriguez, 15 yrs. old, Portugal
10). Luana Arnone, 9 yrs. old, Belgium
11). Montana Johnson, 11 yrs. old, Canada
12). Winile Ngcobo, 15 yrs. old, So. Africa
13). Emily Crawford, 12 yrs. old, Illinois, USA
14). Cinthia Garabito, 10 yrs. old, Peru
15). Precious Mpadhika, 11 yrs. old, Malawi

How to Participate in The International Children's Art Exchange


1. Each child to create a picture.

Suggested Themes: World Peace, Animals, Family, Friends, or Community, Traditional Festivals or Costumes; or Favorite Ways to Have Fun
Size: 81/2” x 11” or 9” x 12”
Media: anything – pencil, paint, crayon, etc. Collage items must be flat & firmly attached.

2. Label the picture.
On the back of each piece of art, type or print the following:
a). Name & age of the child
b). Name of school, church or organization the child represents/belongs to
c). City & country

3. Name list of participants.
Include a name list of participants from each school/organization, with the following:
a). Sender’s/Coordinator's name & address
b). Sender's/Coordinator's email address
c). Each child’s name & age
d). Indicate if the participants like to have pen pals

4. Mail your package.
Your package should be mailed in time to reach to us by January 31st.
Please don’t forget to write your return address on the package/envelope.

Mail & address your package to:
CHERRY LEE: International Children’s Art Exchange
971 Skylark Drive, La Jolla, Ca 92037 USA

Deadline for submission: All artwork to be received by January 31.

5. Upon receipt of your package, ICAE will do the following:

a). Send you a postcard or an email to acknowledge receipt of your package.
b). During the month of February, ICAE will mail package of artwork to each participating group containing as many as possible the artwork submitted by other countries participating in the exchange.
c). Your Name List of Participants with your organization's address will be returned to you so that your boys & girls will know just where in the world their art is being displayed.

Note: You may choose to mail your artwork at any time & ICAE will save it for distribution at the end of February. Do not miss the January 31 deadline! As mentioned, artworks received after January 31 will be kept to form part of the following year's exchange process.

Cherry Lee can be contacted through her mailing address above or through her email:

Thank you for being the contact person for your country.